The team behind the Ingeborg game:

Project 3D game artist who did 3D, 2D and VFX art for the game. She is currently studying XR design at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and has previously done graphic design.

Project coder, main programmer and technical expert. Pauliina has a programming background. She is currently studying XR design at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Project manager who also jumped in on narrative, UX design, 3D art, coding and lighting when needed. Isra's background is in a variety of fields including game design, video production, 3D art, programming and project management.

Creative director of the project who made visuals and textures for the game. Previously, Lotta has worked as a Designer, creative director and project manager in the field of design and art. 

The team met at the Embrace Impact Hack-Art-On in October 2021. In addition to their special tasks in developing the game, the team jointly produced the game, 3D modelled the assets and worked on the game design - and had a blast! 
Yaas XR Queens!
The National Museum of Finland
Embrace Impact
Helsinki XR Center
Aalto Studios

With support from:
The Finnish Cultural Foundation

Alma Pöysti 
Ingeborg Motion capture and Voice actor & swedish translator 

Carl Alm 
Guard voice actor

Helena Sorva 
Script editor and Finnish & English translations

Alexandra Shkodrova 
Sound Designer and Composer 

Viljami Lehtonen 
Voice recording 

Ivan Zayats 

Vili Saarenpää 
3D Character artist

Heta Dobrowolski 
3D fashion designer

Special Thanks!
Eero Tiainen, Bjarke Aalto, Toni Tolin, Kai Lappalainen, 
Jason Selvarajan, Martin White, Mike B 
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Ingeborg is a fictional VR game inspired by true events.
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