Ingeborg is a virtual reality game made for the National Museum of Finland. It takes you to Häme Castle during the 16th-century, where the player meets the forgotten warlord Ingeborg Åkesdotter Tott.
The players' task is to gain access to the castle and the King's Hall by bringing Ingeborg gifts to the offering table and do the tasks she commands you to. 
The game starts in the Guards' Room, where the guard tells the plot of the game and the player learns to move in the virtual space. The guard's character is an armour belonging to the National Museum. The team scanned the armour, using an ArtecLeo 3D scanner, to get the best reference for the 3D model of the guard.
The game centres around the Ingeborg Tott statue that comes alive in the Artillery room. The movement and voice of the statue are from the performance of the actress Alma Pöysti. The movements were captured using the Xsens Motion Capture suit. It gave the most accurate movements for the character. The statue was 3D modelled based on research on medieval and classical statues all down to details such as hairstyle. The dress is built using Clo3D and Blender from an original medieval pattern. The player's success in the missions determines whether the awakened warlord is pleased or enraged.
The game ends in the King's Hall, where a successful performance on part of the player is rewarded with nobility and riches, but the unlucky one ends up as a poor peasant. 
I was the Creative Director and Art Director, in charge of the overall look of the game, all of the texturing and materials some 3D art and we jointly as team created the game design, produced the game and had a blast!
The game concept won the Embrace Impact Hack-Art-On event, which was organized in autumn 2021 by Aalto Studios and Helsinki XR Center. The XR-focused hackathon was sponsored by Varjo, MAGICS and the National Museum of Finland. The winning concept was created by our amazing team: 
Alma Hoque, Pauliina Lahti, Isra Rab and me Lotta Veromaa.
Below are some examples and close ups. The tools used mainly were Substance: designer, painter and sampler, Photoshop and Illustrator, Maya, Blender and Unity. 
During the process we also used 3D scanning data and scanned objects ourselves. For this process we used AutoCad, AutoCad ReCap, Meshroom and ArtecLeo scanners and Artec studio. The point cloud scans we received from the architects who had been doing the previous renovation at the castle.
Lots of research was made on the culture, customs, and look of medieval times in the Nordic countries. These days the medieval era appears in our imaginations mainly as grey stone walls, but in reality, the walls were decorated with colourful paintings. The environment textures were inspired by the Holy Cross Church in Hattula, where Ingeborg Tott is also said to have visited. A few of the motifs are adaptations of the Turku Castle wall paintings.
The Guard Room is drawn how it could have been in the medieval time. With wooden beams and lower ceiling.
The Coat of Arms seen in the Artillery Room and in the game environment is based on a half-visible drawing in Turku Castle which is said to be of Ingeborg Tott. 
The team behind the Ingeborg game:
Project 3D game artist who did 3D, 2D and VFX art for the game. She is currently studying XR design at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and has previously done graphic design.
Project coder, main programmer and technical expert. Pauliina has a programming background. She is currently studying XR design at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.
Project manager who also jumped in on narrative, UX design, 3D art, coding and lighting when needed. Isra's background is in a variety of fields including game design, video production, 3D art, programming and project management.
Creative director of the project who also made visuals and all the textures for the game. Previously, Lotta has worked as a creative director and project manager in the field of design and art. 

The team met at the Embrace Impact Hack-Art-On in October 2021. In addition to their special tasks in developing the game, the team jointly produced the game, 3D modelled the assets and worked on the game design - and had a blast! 
The National Museum of Finland
Embrace Impact
Helsinki XR Center
Aalto Studios

With support from:
Finnish Cultural Foundation


Alma Pöysti 
Ingeborg Motion capture and Voice actor & swedish translator 

Carl Alm 
Guard voice actor

Helena Sorva 
Script editor and Finnish & English translations

Alexandra Shkodrova 
Sound Designer and Composer 

Viljami Lehtonen 
Voice recording 

Ivan Zayats 

Vili Saarenpää 
3D Character artist

Heta Dobrowolski 
3D fashion designer

Special Thanks!
Eero Tiainen, Bjarke Aalto, Toni Tolin, Kai Lappalainen, 
Jason Selvarajan, Martin White, Mike B 
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Ingeborg is a fictional VR game inspired by true even

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